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Mind Over Matter - Stage 2


Mind Over Matter 2015

Stage One & Two

A response to a continuing investigation into the effects of psychological strain on the body. For this project I was influenced by the dualism between the body and mind; a key thought in theories of meta-physics, where the philosophy builds on representing a mind-body dichotomy.

Increasingly I began to separate mind from body finally reaching a point where I decided to exaggerate the body in terms of its physical presence - i.e. Matter -, or 'just another object'. This separation aims to highlight issues that speak of the human condition and the impact of strain, stress, anxiety and depression on the body when the mind feels displaced. 

I concluded with a series of photographs I've titled Mind Over Matter. I've used recycled objects that I believe to have a structural quality, in aesthetics and usefulness. They represent matter generally but can also be seen as symbols for work.